Internal rules

Internal rules of Maison Coté Square 2022

You have a welcoming and pleasant accommodation, perfectly equipped, please respect the places, the objects and take care of them throughout your stay.In general, the house is entrusted clean and in good condition. It is essential to report any broken or damaged object on the inventory or even any area that you do not deem clean from the outset in order to avoid disputes and dissatisfactions.
For people renting: maintenance and care of the house:You are in this accommodation as at home:It involves caring for and cleaning the house like yours, taking care of it. Cleaning products broom and vacuum cleaner are in the closet on each floor.The accommodation will be cleaned by you or you will call a maid during your stay. It will be maintained as your own home.Please respect the ecology without excessive use of electricity, air conditioning, water…In case of stain on the sofas or other thanks to bring to the dry cleanersBins and glasses will be thrown in containers of the place, dishes will be washed and stored, packages, kleenex etc will be thrown in the trash, ashtrays emptied.You are not at the hotel, this is a rental and you are responsible for the location. It will be returned in the same condition as the one you found it, including the furniture placed in the same place.Bins:The bins are on the square (right/left when leaving), Please go to throw your bins during your stay or imperatively before your departure. So are the bottles.Even if you pay the final cleaning fee, it is necessary that you empty your garbage cans and leftover items from the fridge and that you return the place as you found it. The cleaning costs are minimal compared to the maintenance and includes the supply of sheets which in normal times are charged extra.Noise pollution:The neighborhood and the neighborhood is quiet, it is necessary to keep quiet in the house, to close well the door and windows. The house will be used as a good father. Please limit visitors. In case of dinner or evening, remember to put a note in the boxes of the direct neighbors and the building, to prevent. Avoid speaking loudly, shouting, singing and putting music outside ( terrace) after 22H. Thank you for being vigilant when you are outside as voices carry, especially on the top terraceFront door:The door will be locked (a necessary turn), it will not be slammed because it reopens. Everyone will check that it is closed for the safety of allLockbox: these boxes where you hand over your keys are practical, you must close them well and scramble the code when you close it.Common kitchen: the common kitchen is at the disposal of all as well as the terrace, everyone must nevertheless store his belongings, clean after his passage and be aware that other people are present (3 bedrooms on the 1st level).Outdoor lights: Remember to turn off the outdoor light on the terrace at night or during the day. Close the interior and check that it is turned off.The same goes for the interior lights.Windows/doors/shutters: must be closed when you go out, the shutters will be attached so as not to blow with the wind as they are likely to break the windows.Heating/Air Conditioning:The house is air-conditioned/heated, you must use the remote controls, remember to turn off the air conditioning in your absence or when the house is unoccupied. Just press the on/off button and set to cold or hot then the intensity of the blower.Water heater: If the water no longer heats, it is possible that the panel has broken. The loft table is located at the entrance of the hallway, from the 1st floor and in the hallway after the kitchen to the 2nd floor.Dishwasher: the dishwasher works by pressing on and off. Put a washing shelf. In case of failure, first clean the filter and remove the detritus that interfere with all filters.Breakage and replacement: The house is widely equipped, due to breakage equipment is reduced and the number of cups, plates are no longer equivalent. I will ask you in case of breakage to replace the broken object.Similarly, if during your stay a light bulb should burn out, please replace it by doing your shopping. All products made available will be replaced if used or completed (laundry, maintenance products, starter kit, garbage bags, etc.)Livebox: the livebox provided the phone, wifi, TV. The code is on it. In case of problems, call Orange. Number in the drawer under the TV. Before calling them: 39 00, turn off the box, unplug the two sockets: telephone and TV and plug them back in.Linen: Please do not help yourself in the linen closet. Please do not use the towels and sheets, without having asked. Ask us to renew the linen. The cost of the sheets/towels kit is extra, that of the dry cleaners 15 € / set. You can use sheets and towels as long as you give them to the dry cleaners.Garden/ terrace: The large terrace of the duplex is not accessible during the stay, please water the plants of the duplex.End of stay: the end of stay cleaning is charged 100 € (4H), it is nevertheless asked to remove and gather the sheets and towels, in order to save time, to the cleaning lady because cleaning 90 to 180m2 it easily takes much more time than the one charged, as well as storing the dishes or taking out the sheets from the beds.It is asked to put all objects and furniture in its place. Empty ashtrays, garbage cans, get your food out of the fridge or freezer…And therefore to leave the house as leave the house as it was at the arrival, at the entrance to the premises. Thank you for your understanding. Please report a lack of cleanliness we will come back to ensure the defective cleaning.Insurance: To occupy the unit, you must check your resort insurance, this is an extension of your housing contract.Tourist tax: The tourist tax is due, it amounts to 2.25 euros per day and per person, to be left to the reception staff.Local shops:Avenue des lices: Superette G20Place Pie: Carrefour CityBoulangerie Violette: place des corps saintRestaurants: 84 , 75, Avenio, Agapes, Square of the palace, the place, the hatter toquéEMERGENCIESDoctor: 15Electrician: 0771749784Plumber: 0680164559